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16 Jul 2019

Collaboration of National Library and Ministry of State Secretary for Human Resources Development

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta - Ministry of State Secretariat invites National Library to explore collaboration related to human resources development through information literacy strengthening for community visit service, especially the millennials. This was conveyed by Assistant Deputy of Public Relations of Ministry of State Secretariat Eddy Cahyono while visiting National Library of Indonesia Services Facility Building, Tuesday (16/7/2019).

Eddy said that his party was interested in cooperating after seeing the enthusiasm of the public visiting National Library. Eddy explained Presidential Palace often received visits from groups of school students and college students. National Library is often visited by groups of school students and college students. The opportunity to invite groups of school students and college students to visit National Library is increasingly open because Presidential Gallery is currently being prepared as one of the services.

Through this collaboration, it is expected that each party can contribute in providing education and information for human resources development in accordance with the policy focus of President-elect Joko Widodo. "For example, from there (Palace, red) the students can be taken to Presidential Gallery or we can elaborate. Because in here (National Library, red) group visits are frequent. The technique can be discussed later whether it can be brought there or collected here. For example, as for the event on the 24th floor, after we explain the duties of State Secretariat and it will then be continued by National Library materials related to information literacy so that they their insights will be opened. This is so that we can synergise to realise human resources development in accordance with President Joko Widodo's vision, going forward, "explained Eddy.

National Library is also invited to work together to disseminate information from books that had been produced by Ministry of State Secretariat. "We essentially need to provide training to the millennials for additional knowledge. We, from public relations, need to educate the public through government work, what has been done so that the community gets comprehensive information regarding government work, "he explained.

Meanwhile, Head of Law and Planning Bureau of National Library Joko Santoso welcomed the invitation to this collaboration. National Library has special attention to younger generation in introducing library and reading benefits to achieve success. "In addition, we have presidential library website, a special site about presidents. We are very happy if Ministry of State Secretariat can fill in the content of this website so that it can become our means of communication online, "Joko said when he received a delegation from Ministry of State Secretariat at Meeting Room 5th Floor, National Library of Indonesia Services Facility Building, Jakarta.

At the present time, National Library is intensively socialising social inclusion-based library service transformation programme. Here, the role of library has been strengthened as information literacy centre and community centre. Through this collaboration plan, it is expected that the role of library as public space for community activities will be strengthened.

During the visit to National Library, the delegation from Ministry of State Secretariat Assistant Deputy of Public Relations visited interesting spots at National Library, such as Graha Literasi, Presidential Gallery, Membership Service, Children’s Service, Service for People with Disabilities, Open Monograph Service, and ended on the 24th Floor offering views of Monas from a height.



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