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11 Jul 2019

Agam and Pacitan Regencies Committed to Develop Library

Salemba, Jakarta - Understanding the importance of books as source of knowledge useful for human learning and capacity building, Head of Agam Regency DPRD along with staff and Regent of Pacitan conveyed request of book grant for library collections. This was expressed during work visit to National Library on Thursday (11/7). The two delegations were received by Deputy of Library Material and Information Services Development of National Library Ofy Sofiana and related officials. "We want Pacitan to have SBY the second, SBY the third in the future," said Pacitan Regent Indartato.

Ofy emphasised National Library's commitment in assisting the development of local libraries, among others by providing books, cars and motorbikes for mobile libraries, and library applications along with their usage guidance. "Library is not just place or warehouse for books and reading places. Now library is transformed into a place for community activities, "Ofy said in response to request for assistance conveyed by deputy head of Agam Regency DPRD Marga Indra Putra. Ofy suggested that regions submit DAK grant requests. The budget can only be used for, among others, construction and rehabilitation of library buildings, procurement of collections, services and ICT grants.

The same notion was conveyed by Head of Planning Division Adin Bondar who stated that library was directed to be able to be utilised by the public to improve their welfare and this was one of national priority programmes. Therefore, library development gets special budget allocation from the government. Adin added that Agam and Pacitan Regencies received DAK grant in 2019 for books and ICT. The request for DAK grant has to be approved by Bappeda, Ministry of Home Affairs, and then assessed by Bappenas, National Library, and Ministry of Finance for the feasibility of obtaining grant.

Head of Education and Training Centre Widiyanto requested cooperation from the regions in terms of commitment from local leaders towards development of library and appreciated Pacitan Regent who had placed library in the city centre. "Don't choose people who is about to retire to become head of library. The staff are also mostly outsourced, so they are less committed. There should be formation for librarian. Library must also actively disseminate information, "said Widiyanto. He also advised that DPRD pay attention to budget for library.




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