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10 Jul 2019

Kab. Tapin Builds a Modern Library Integrated with Integrated Areas

Salemba, Jakarta - Regent of Tapin, M. Arifin Arpan, made a work visit to National Library and was received directly by Deputy of Library Resources Development Woro Titi Haryanti at National Library Salemba on Wednesday (10/7). This visit was conducted in the context of consultation regarding library construction in the area.

Arifin explained that Tapin Regency Government, South Kalimantan, wanted to build a modern library integrated with the integrated Rantau Baru area. "The existing library in Tapin is located in a densely populated residential area and during 2013 - 2018 public's reading interest has continued to increase, so we want to build an integrated area where there is a modern library in it," Arifin said.

Responding to this, Woro appreciated Arifin's desire in developing reading culture in his area. "The library must be transformed to support public activities by providing collection of books useful to prosper their lives," he said.

Meanwhile, Head of Library Development and Reading Interest Study Centre of National Library Deni Kurniadi, added that there was a need for good coordination and cooperation from all parties, both the local government and the legislature to be able to build libraries in Tapin Regency. "Submission of DAK applications for the construction of the library building must include administrative files such as land certificate and DED (Detail Engineering Design), so please prepare them immediately," he explained.


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