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10 Jul 2019

Socialisation of Bung Karno Proclamator Library: Encourage the Successor Generation to Love the Founders of the Nation

Batam, Kep. Riau - Proclamator Soekarno once said that wherever we are, do not feel inferior with any country because Indonesia is highly respected by other nations throughout the world. We must be proud that Bung Karno has a household name in the world.

Such was stated by Batam cultural observer Samson Rambak Pasir when he was a speaker at Library Socialisation held by the Proclamator Bung Karno Library in Batam on Wednesday (10/7).

Samson more clearly explained that it was fitting for the community to thank the Founding Fathers because through their thoughts and energy, Indonesia could be independent. Not a trivial matter, not either light. This is a massive issue imposed on the great figures of Indonesia. "We should never dump the great name of the founder of the nation. They have sacrificed for the NKRI," Samson advised.

Bung Karno in his book entitled "Mencapai Indonesia Merdeka" wrote down each creature, each human being, each nation, inevitably, move its energy eventually. If he has felt too much of harm of being hurt by something so wicked, let alone humans, nation, even worms will certainly fidgetting when they are in pain.

Meanwhile, Head of Bung Karno Proclamator Library, Janti Suksmarini, said that Bung Karno Proclamator Library is presidential library. It is categorised as a special library tasked with improving Indonesian culture and civilisation through the thoughts and actions of prominent figures.

Aside from being the centre for the study of idealism and concepts of Bung Karno’ thoughts and also the nation's fighters, Bung Karno Proclamator Library is also one of centres of study, reference, preservation, and Indonesian cultural and nationalism development based on library collections. "Bung Karno's thoughts for Indonesia are very massive. It is a pitty if the next generation of the nation does not know who the founding figures of this nation are, "Janti said.

The next generation can explore and learn Bung Karno’s thoughts because there have been many books written from his thoughts, let’s say  the book “Indonesia Menggugat”, “Di Bawah Bendera Revolusi”, “Mencapai Indonesia Merdeka”, “Bung Karno Penyambung Lidah Rakyat”, “Revolusi Belum Selesai”, “Bung Karno Islam dan Pancasila”, as well as “Bung Karno dan Pancasila”, which to this day are continued to be studied.

Meanwhile, Head of Batam Municipal Library and Archives Service, Samuddin, added that this time Bung Karno's thoughts are not only available in physical forms such as books, but also in online forms. The public has no reason at all of lacking on historical books of the founding figures of the nation. "Their nationalist thoughts and attitudes should be used as positive examples in the daily life of society and the state," Samuddin added.

Socialisation of Bung Karno's Proclamator Library held at PIH Batam Center Building was attended by no less than 200 participants, including school students and college students.


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