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17 Jun 2019

A Thousand People Attend National and Bung Karno’s Thought Dialogue

Kalasan, Blitar - The spirit of Bung Karno's nationalism was marked by "Merdeka" national greeting at National and Bung Karno’s Thought Dialogue, in the courtyard of Bung Karno Library, Blitar, on Monday (17/6). More than a thousand participants participated in the dialogue with the theme "With the Spirit of the Birth of Pancasila We Strengthen Indonesian Nationalism". The dialogue was led by moderator Indah Iriani who was very active in inviting participants to interact in the event.

The National Dialogue was held in the series of Bung Karno Month in which June is known as the month of Trisuci, namely June 1, the Birth of Pancasila, June 6, the birth of Bung Karno, and June 21 the death of Bung Karno. Present on the occasion were Deputy of Library Material Development and Information Services of National Library Ofy Sofiana, with speakers Nur Wahyu Rochmadi (Malang State University), Suyatno (UNS), and M. Taufik (BPSDM East Java Province).

The National Dialogue programme was officially opened by Regional Secretary (Sekda) of Blitar Municipal Rudy Wijonarko who greatly appreciated the implementation of various series of events at UPT Proclamator Bung Karno Library. "In this Bung Karno Month, Bung Karno Library (PBK) - took part in enlivening various activities that are able to attract the attention of the community, not only Blitar Raya community, but people from various regions in Indonesia," he said.

Even Regional Secretary Rudy confessed to salute and be proud of Deputy of National Library of Indonesia, Head of PBK and her staff who worked hard to hold this series of events in Bung Karno month and were able to present a thousand participants.

Meanwhile, Head of UPT Proclamator Bung Karno Library Janti Suksmarini, in her report, mentioned National and Bung Karno’s Thought Dialogue activities were carried out with the intention to reflect on Bung Karno's ideas, thoughts and nationalism and the founding fathers as nationalists, fighters, proclamators, founders and fathers of nation that have recognised its strength and existence. While the purpose of this activity is that ideas, thoughts and teachings of Bung Karno's nationalism recognised by the public and international community can be continued to be preserved and can be explored more deeply by the next generation and applied in the life of the nation and state.

On the same occasion, Deputy Ofy Sofiana said that she highly appreciated the National Dialogue activities in order to enliven this Bung Karno Month. Ofy Sofiana, who previously also officially opened library and multi-product exhibition, welcomed gladly the exhibition. "I am very happy and proud to see the enthusiasm of the people visiting Proclamator Bung Karno Library; the public can have a look directly to the library, can see historical evidence left by Bung Karno in memorabilia service or can visit the legendary proclamator’s tomb directly, "she said.

Furthermore, Ofy Sofiana said the national dialogue programme was to strengthen nationalism, patriotism, struggle and preserve the values ​​of national identity so that it would create a sense of pride, confidence, hard work, a visionary brotherhood for participants in particular and the public in general.

"The most important thing for the next generation of the nation is that it can instill respect and appreciation for the heroes of the nation and state, especially proclamators Bung Karno and Bung Hatta," she said.



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