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21 Jun 2019

Library Services in Regions Can Immitate the Success of National Library

Salemba, Jakarta-The lack of book collection in library led to the lack of public enthusiasm on visiting library. “The collection is less varied and less attractive that children are less eager in visiting to library,” said Secretary of Commission A of Langkat Regency DPRD Rahmanuddin Rangkuti, during a work visit to National Library on Friday (21/6). 

Responding to this, National Library Head of Law and Planning Bureau, Joko Santoso, said that Langkat Regency is already listed as one of those that submitted the proposals for collection materials and information and communication technology (ICT) devices grant through special allocation funds (DAK) for 2020. “Ideally, the number of books is double the population. It is only necessary to calculate according each region,” explained Joko Santoso.

At the same time, complaints were also expressed by Commission I of Manado Municipal DPRD, Jimmy Sangkay. He said the facilities owned by Manado Municipal library were not sufficient that Manado Municipal DPRD expected National Library can build digital library. Just like the one owned by National Library. “Reading interest level in Manado Municipal is already high. But it is indeed the existing facility that does not support it,” he explained.

Head of Library Development and Reading Interest Study Centre of National Library, Deni Kurniadi, said that there was a need of good coordination and cooperation from local government and legislature to build libraries. “Manado Municipal has also applied DAK in 2020 for building construction. We hope that all requirements can be immediately fulfiled,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Head of Service and Information Centre, Teguh Purwanto, also expected that regional libraries can imitate National Library. “
“We hope National Library can be an example in building libraries. Especially the current collection whic is not only physical, but also digital,” he concluded.


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