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19 Jun 2019

DPRD of Jeneponto Regency Asked to Help Monitor the Use of Library DAK

Salemba, Jakarta—The existence of village library in Jeneponto Regency, South Sulawesi province, is considered not yet able to match village libraries in other regencies. This was conveyed directly by Head of DPRD Commission I of Jeneponto Regency, Asdin Basoddin Azis Beta, during a work visit to National Library on Wednesday (19/6).

“The socialisation of village library in our region is not good so we are called. A few months ago, our party consulted with Provincial Library Service, and based on their direction we continued to consult with National Library,” he said.

Asdin acknowledged, the budget allocation for library sector in Jeneponto Regency is limited and relatively small. As for regulatory aspect, his party will communicate and synergise with local government and National Library. “We will encourage Jeneponto Local Government to compile related regulatory framework. If regional regulation is already existed and needs improvement regarding our village library, we will try to work on it,” he explained.

Responding to that, Head of Law and Planning Bureau of National Library, Joko Santoso, said “Minister of Village Regulation Number 16 of 2018 is prioritised for the use of village fund, one of which articles regulates construction of village library,” he said.

Meanwhile, Head of Library Development and Reading Interest Assessment Centre of National Library, Deni Kurniadi, explained that National Library’s duty is to foster all types of library. Therefore, Deni also asked DPRD to take part in carrying out the monitoring function of special allocation fund (DAK) IDR 1.29 billion given to Jeneponto Regency for developing its library this year.




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