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18 Jun 2019

DPRD Commission I of Tegal Municipal: Regional Library’s Collection of Tegal Municipal is Still Insufficient

Salemba, Jakarta-The lack of reading interest in Tegal Municipal area, has become one of the challenges for local legislature continue to encourage public reading interest, and develop library collection which is still considered as minimal. This was revealed by Head of DPRD Commission I of Tegal City, Hery Budiman, during a work visit and was received by Head of Law and Planning Bureau, Joko Santoso, Tuesday (18/6).

Hery said, this time people tend to read through digital media rather that reading books whereas the existence of library in the area is very important, one of them is to support the quality of education. In addition, regulations regarding library at central level are expected to be transmitted down to regions.

“Our visit is to share in regard with the guidance and development of library in Tegal Municipal. As for development, often the budget in Local Government is minimal and it seems that it is still neglected,” he said.

Given the importance of regulations in regional library development and institutional strengthening, his party asked that library regulations at central level could be transmitted down to regional level. “If there is such regulation, we would like to commit to build library in every village/kelurahan,” he explained.

Responding to that, Head of Law and Planning Bureau, Joko Santoso, explained that of all National Library budget, 60 percent is allocated for library development in regions. Each region receives an average of IDR 700 million to IDR 1 billion deconcentration fund.

“This indicates our attention in regional library development. Librarian training is also oriented towards regions. However, we will provide new assistance if there is proposal from local Library Service Office,” he explained.

It was said, in accordance with the concept of transforming library services based on social inclusion, collection assistance for libraries, has been provided for libraries in prisons, Islamic boarding schools, communities and hospitals.

“In addition, facing the digital era, National Library has iPusnas service that can be accessed through gadgets. This might be adapted in regions, to increase public reading interest,” he concluded.



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