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17 Jun 2019

National Library Achieves (Again) the Predicate of WTP from BPK

Pejompongan, Jakarta – National Library achieves the predicate of Fair without Exceptions (WTP) for Audit Report (LHP) of 2018 from Audit Board (BPK). The achievement was the third time in a row since 2016. The submission of LHP was delivered directly by member III of BPK, Achsanul Qosasi, to National Library Prime Secretary, Sri Sumekar, at BPK Building, Jakarta, Monday (17/6). 

In its introduction, BPK said the implementation of LHP involving 264 auditors began with an entry meeting on January 24-March 11, 2019. It was then proceeded with the exit meeting process on April 9-June 14, 2019. LHP preparation also takes a tripartite process (discussion process) between BPK, Ministry of Finance, and the initial entity (K/L) in April 2019.

An examination of financial statements is carried out in order to provide opinions on the fairness of financial information presented in financial statement. As for presenting opinion criteria according to Law Number 15 of 2004 in Article 16 section (1), opinion is the examiner’s professional statement regarding the fairness of financial information presented in financial statement based on conformity criteria with government accounting standards (SAP), adequate disclosures, compliance with legislations, and effectiveness of internal control system (SPI).

"So, Fair without Exceptions or WTP is actually not an achievement but an obligation as a good state administrator," said Achsanul Qosasi. Members III of BPK that specifically deals with LHP for 36 Ministries/Institutions, and 2 Public Bodies, namely TVRI and RRI, which this time succeeded in obtaining WTP predicate. Whereas the Fair with Exceptions (WDP) predicate is still attached to Ministry of Youth and Sports (Kemenpora).

The focus of BPK State Auditor (AKN) III of 2018 is focusing on the aspects of improving the quality of public services, village and rural development, increasing access, quality and ease of education, as well as investment and procurement of goods and services, as well as Asian Games and Para Games.

Achsanul acknowledged that in particular he asked auditors not to only examine and present assessments, but also to provide solutions. The approach used is more accommodative and persuasive, so that the parties involved can understand each roles and functions. “In that way, data is easier to obtain. Also, not trying to cover a problem but finding its solution together instead,” he admitted.   



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