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17 Jun 2019

West Bangka Regency Plans to Build a Modern Library

Salemba, Jakarta – The leader of West Bangka Regency legislative institution is committed to build a modern library in the area. Head of Regional People’s Representative Assembly (DPRD) of West Bangka Regency, Samsir, saw this opportunity can be possible through central government programme at National Library, namely Special Allocation Fund (DAK). Samsir hoped that West Bangka Regency could be considered as the recipient of DAK for library construction in 2020. To complete the documents related to DAK proposal, his party cooperated with Library and Archive Office of West Bangka Regency. 

“Our priority is to build a modern library. As a form of our seriousness and innovation carried out by the service office, we have prepared an area of one hectare,” explained Samsir during a work visit to National Library, in Leader Meeting Room, Salemba, Jakarta on Monday (6/17/2019). Samsir accompanied by Head of DPRD and Head of Library and Archive Office of West Bangka Regency was received by Head of National Library Planning Division Adin Bondar, Head of Law and Public Relations Division Rismini along with relevant staffs.

Modern library is a necessity in West Bangka, considering the first higher education institution is currently under construction. In addition, West Bangka Regency is a religious and historical tourism destination. Modern library will support the content for tourism sector.

Samsir emphasised that his region has a high commitment in strengthening library functions through Independent Village programme launched in 2012. Through this programme, each village must have one library. Until now, there are 50 percent of 69 villages in West Bangka that have libraries.

Responding to that, Head of Planning Division Adin Bondar who received the work visit of West Bangka Regency DPRD explained that he welcomed the commitment from the legislative. However, Adin requested that the proposal be accompanied by commitment from West Bangka Regent to maintain library building.

In addition, the proposal must have complete instruments such as land availability and detail engineering design (DED). The literacy condition from the proposing area is also a consideration of whether the area is fit to receive DAK. “Library building that will be constructed must have service functions which strengthen local culture in addition to social inclusion services such as disability, children, skill space services,” explained Adin Bondar who was accompanied by Head of Law and Public Relations Division Rismini and related staffs.

If West Bangka Regency government receives DAK, DPRD and Library Office are asked to commit in preparing librarians. At the present time, there are three librarians with civil servant (PNS) status at Library and Archive Office of West Bangka Regency.

Adin Bondar explained that there is a series of procedure for determining DAK recipients. After the proposing area submits its proposal into the application, it will then be approved by Provincial Bappeda, and then checked and approved by Ministry of Home Affairs. After that, National Library together with Ministry of Finance and National Development Planning Agency (Bappenas) will sit together to determine DAK recipients.



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