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13 Jun 2019

Strengthening Brotherhood, National Library of the Republic of Indonesia Holds “Halalbihalal”

Salemba, Jakarta – National Library of the Republic of Indonesia held Eid al-Fitr 1440 Hegira halalbihalal event at Salemba Auditorium, Jakarta, on Thursday (13/6). Halalbihalal was attended by all active employees and retired employees in all work units of National Library of the Republic of Indonesia. Halalbihalal was filled with the performance of Ar-Rifai marawis group from Bojonggede, Bogor, and religious lectures by Ustaz Kasif Heer.

 In his lecture, Ustaz Kasif Heer reminded employees to always be grateful for the blessings given by Allah SWT. One of it is grateful for the health having been given by Allah SWT.

 "It is better to get health than treasure, because treasure may be spent for treatment. Blessing from Allah is unlimited. There are many ways to be grateful, always praise the giver, and always worship only because of Allah," he ordered.

 The young preacher in "Islam itu Indah" television programme also reminded everyone to be sincere in forgiving, eliminating jealousy and revenge at halalbihalal moment. 

 Meanwhile, Director of National Library Muhammad Syarif Bando reminded employees to continue to be enthusiastic in serving people who use the services at National Library of the Republic of Indonesia. This is in accordance with the mandate of Law Number 43 of 2007 on Library which states that National Library is the fostering agency.

 "Reading culture in Indonesia is not low. Even based on Nop World Culture Score Index, Indonesia ranks on 16th based on how many hour people spend time to read in a week. With average of six hours spending time per person," he explained.

 Halalbihalal is an activity that can build communication between officials and staff with National Library of the Republic of Indonesia as well as strengthen brotherhood among employees. The event was ended by shaking hands and taking photos together.



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