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13 Jun 2019

Position Handover and Signing of Performance Agreement: Maintain Integrity and Loyalty

Salemba, Jakarta – National Library held Position Handover (Sertijab) and signing of a performance agreement (PK) for administrator and supervisor positions on Thursday (13/6). Sertijab and the signing of PK began with Prime Secretariat work unit, then Deputy 1 and 2.

In her direction, Prime Secretary of National Library Sri Sumekar asked officials who had been appointed previously to maintain morality at work. The positions of administrators and supervisors are the determinant because they are actors in work units. "If there is a good point in the previous policy, it can be continued. Even if there is something missing, please correct it," said Prime Secretary.

Furthermore, Prime Secretary requested Performance Agreement (PK) that must be achieved in 2019 to be studied and followed up. The appointed officials should immediately coordinate with their direct supervisors.

At the end of her direction, Prime Secretary asked all structural officers to adjust to the demand of the organisation. “Increase the quality and performance. Maintain integrity and loyalty. Learn to be sensitive and responsive to all challenges both from internal/external. Give real contribution to organisation,” she said.

"Please transform and innovate as long as it is beneficial for the development of organisation," concluded Prime Secretary.



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