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01 Jun 2019

Ceremony of Pancasila Birth Day: We are Indonesia, We are Pancasila

Jakarta – National Library of the Republic of Indonesia held a ceremony for Pancasila’s birth day commemorated every June 1.  Deputy of Library Material and Information Service Development Ofy Sofiana, who acted as a ceremonial advisor stated through the commemoration of Pancasila birth day Indonesian people are consistently invited to realise Pancasila as state foundation, state ideology, and worldview that brings progress and happiness to Indonesian people.

“We unite in building a nation to realise the order of a society life that is harmonious, peaceful, just in prosperity and prosperous in justice. We are Indonesia, We are Pancasila,” said Ofy Sofiana when reading the remarks from Acting. Head of Pancasila Ideology Fostering Agency of the Republic of Indonesia Hariyono at National Library Salemba parking lot, Jakarta, on Saturday (1/6).

President Joko Widodo directed all state servants to commemorate Pancasila birth day. Ofy explained that there are two items that become messages for the commemoration of Pancasila birth day. First, Indonesian nation remembers and reflects the historical momentum in which the nation’s founders succeeded in exploring fundamental values of Indonesian nation as nation foundation so that diverse archipelago could unite and stick together as a nation. 

“The commemoration of Pancasila birth day on June 1 is not something separated from the formulation momentum of “Jakarta Charter” by small committee on June 22 and the adoption of Pancasila in 1945 Constitution Preamble by Indonesian Independence Preparatory Committee (PPKI) on August 18, 1945. Thus, those three important events constitute an inseparable unit,” explained Ofy to the participants of ceremony.

Second, through the commemoration of Pancasila birth day, Indonesian nation is invited to build togetherness and hope to welcome a better nation and state life. Pancasila as a guiding star contains country’s vision and mission providing orientation, direction of struggle and national development in the future. “As a positive energy of the nation, Pancasila gives hope for the future in realising the vision and mission of Indonesian nation,” explained Ofy.

Pancasila as the foundation, state ideology and nation life view is a gift from Almighty God to Indonesian nation. The existence of Indonesia as a nation and state can still survive until today is due to Pancasila. Therefore, Pancasila must be embedded and practiced in daily life.



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