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29 May 2019

Good Leadership Creates Quality Public Service

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta—Every ministry/institution according to President Jokowi’s mandate one of which is to improve public service quality. Effort to create quality public service cannot be separated from the quality of a leader.

The capacity of leaders includes at least the ability to define problems, ability to solve problems, ability to make decisions, and the ability to mobilise support.

This was revealed by Director of National Library Muhammad Syarif Bando when giving direction in e-SKP and e-performance socialisation in front of the structural officials, agents of change and bureaucracy reformation team on Wednesday (29/5).

“The essence of leadership is about commitment and competition,” said Director of National Library.

In addition to leadership skills, a leader must have integrity. Integrity meant by Director of National Library is an attitude of commitment, responsibility, honesty and loyalty, as well as consistency.

At the same place, Prime Secretary of National Library Sri Sumekar said that the preparation of Employee Performance Target (SKP) as a base for evaluating employee performance was mandatory. SKP is performance plan and target that must be achieved by employees during the assessment period that is factual and measurable. At the present time, SKP assessment is in electronic form (e-SKP).

“In Prime Secretariat work unit, SKP is a great homework that must be completed. A number of obstacles encountered including minimum documentation, re-organisation, business process, and so on,” explained Sri Sumekar.

Meanwhile, e-performance is an application aiming to facilitate the process of monitoring and controlling performance in order to improve work unit accountability and performance. E-performance contains such processes as planning, budgeting, linkages in achieving performance targets and performance achievement monitoring and evaluating. E-performance is one of the efforts to assess leaders’ performance in a tiered level from the lowest up to the highest level. 



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