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27 May 2019

National Library Prepares for Independent Assessment of Bureaucracy Reformation Implementation (PMPRB) 2019

Salemba, Jakarta--National Library continues to improve in order to prepare an independent assessment of bureaucracy reformation implementation (PMPRB). In accordance with Regulation of Minister of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform Number 30 of 2018 concerning Amendment to the Regulation of Minister of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform Number 14 of 2014 concerning Guidelines for Evaluation of Government Institution Bureaucracy Reformation, it is necessary to evaluate the implementation of bureaucracy reformation in every ministry/institution. 

The purpose of bureaucracy reformation is to create professional governmental bureaucracy with such characteristics as adaptive, integrated, high performance, free of corruption, collusion and nepotism, capable to serve public, neutral, prosperous, dedicated and upholding basic values and ethic codes of state apparatus. Head of National Library Bureaucracy Reformation Team, Widianto, chaired the PMPRB meeting held at National Library Meeting Room, Salemba on Monday (27/5). The meeting discussed about each element of assessment including management of change, legislation arrangement, organisational arrangement and strengthening, governance arrangement, HR management system arrangement, accountability strengthening, supervision strengthening, improvement of public service quality within National Library.

Prime Secretary of National Library Sri Sumekar in following up the elements of governance arrangement assessment would make the business process within prime secretariat which would then be used as a reference for other work units. “We will report on the business process and its evaluation,” committed Sri Sumekar. Meanwhile, National Library Inspector Darmadi in closing the meeting expressed recommendation of activity to be carried out in June such as work unit evaluation for WBK, agent of change training, reports of each work group and agent of change, and in July National Library RB report evaluation and preparation, unit assessor team training, eSKP, ePerformance, and SIMPEG socialisations, in August, RB physical data collection and unit and central RB achievement progress evaluation.     



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