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31 May 2019

Inaugurating 21 Supervisory, Administrator, and Functional Associate Officials, Prime Secretary Advises to be Trustworthy

Salemba, Jakarta—Prime Secretary of National Library, Sri Sumekar, appointed 20 supervisory and administrator officials (echelon 3 and 4), on Friday, (31/5). In her message, Prime Secretary reminded the officials who were appointed to be trustworthy. This inauguration is a follow-up of cycle of change due to vacancy caused by retirement, death, and education assignment abroad.

The 20 officials appointed have recently gone through a series of selection and evaluation stages by National Library Performance Evaluation Team. Selection and evaluation were carried out through presentations and interviews to explore and evaluate managerial competency, technical competency, socio-cultural competency. In accordance with the mandate of PP No 12 of 2017 and ensuring the sustainability of RB implementation, Performance Evaluation Team would conduct periodic job evaluation.

"Whatever the position is, both structural and functional, each of us is a leader. At least a leader of yourself. This means that now, God wants some of us to be leaders. It is a mandate that will be held accountable in the afterlife. Leading others is an additional task from God," advised Prime Secretary.

Prime Secretary then quoted Surah Yusuf 54-55 that the criteria of a good leader are amanah (obtaining the position and performing it well), amin (trustworthy), hafiz (good at keeping trust), and alim (knowledgeable about his job assignments and leadership). 

Whoever becomes a leader, let him start by leading himself. Before leading others, and let him lead by example before leading with words. 

The following are names of appointed officials:

  1. Tuti Hendrawati as Head of Library Cooperation and Automation Division
  2. Emyati Tangke Lembang as Head of Acquisition Division
  3. Supriyanto as Head of School and Academic Libraries Development Division
  4. Luthfiati Makarim as Head of General Collection Service Division
  5. Yeri Nurita as Head of Special Collection Service Division
  6. Nurhadi Saputra as Head of Public and Special Libraries Development Division
  7. Made Ayu Wirayati as Head of Reprography Division
  8. Witanto as Head of Administration Division
  9. Rismini as Head of Law and Public Relations Division
  10. Wiratna Tritawirasta as Head of Digital Transformation Division
  11. Agus Sutoyo as Head of Cooperation and Information Service Division of UPT Proclamator Bung Karno
  12. Nurny Syam as Head of Library Material Development and Preservation Division of UPT Proclamator Bung Karno
  13. Edi Wiyono as Head of Publishing Sub Division
  14. Vira Farhana as Head of Library Cooperation Sub Division
  15. Arwan Subakti as Head of Public Relations Sub Division
  16. Eka Tutik Rohmawati as Head of Verification Sub Division
  17. Alfa Husna as Head of Library Material Maintainance and Repairment Sub Division
  18. Desy Rahmayeti as Head of Administration Sub Division of UPT Proclamator Bung Hatta
  19. Asep Muslih as Intermediate Librarian at Library Material Collection Development and Processing Centre
  20. Joko Sumarto as Intermediate Librarian at Librarian Development Centre
  21. Moh Kodir as Intermediate Librarian at Library Material Preservation Centre


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