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27 May 2019

Fun Homecoming with Reading Books

Gambir, Jakarta Pusat—Homecoming is always an exciting routine. Despite having to jostle, the longing for hometown makes the activity enthusiastically interpreted.

In order to keep homecoming activities not always boring, National Library collaborated with Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud), Indonesian Publishers Association (IKAPI) and Language Ambassadors in initiating “Gelar Buku Gratis” that can be enjoyed by travellers, especially children in order not to get bored throughout the trip heading hometown.  

“Gelar Buku Gratis” was held in five central points of departure from Jakarta, such as Gambir Railway Station, Senen Railway Station, Kampung Rambutan Bus Station, Pulo Gebang Bus Station, and Kalideres Bus Station.

“Gelar Buku Gratis” activities were held for three consecutive days, from 27 to 29 May 2019 starting at 09.00 am.

Each station point of departure would be equipped with 1,025 copies of reading material for various ages. However, for Senen Railway Station, National Library provided at least 800 copies of book.

Evidently, on the first day of “Gelar Buku Gratis”, reading helped to ease the travellers’ boredom as they waited for their departure schedule as well as helped to expand their knowledge and insights.



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