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25 May 2019

Entrepreneur-Based Library Improves Community’s Welfare

Lumajang, East Java – “Library must reach the community through social inclusion-based library,” said Muhammad Syarif Bando during Fostering Reading Culture National Movement Safari held at Regional Civil Service Agency Auditorium of Lumajang Regency on Saturday (25/5). Director of National Library emphasised the role of librarians for knowledge transfer in order to encourage community reading culture so that they can have the skill required to improve their welfare. This was achieved through East Java Provincial Government programme in developing entrepreneur-based library, so it is expected to improve community’s welfare.

Syarif explained, currently library is one of national priorities in supporting human development. “Library must be able to increase the potency of Lumajang Regency both from natural resources and human resources. Applied science books available in library can transform someone poor to become prosperous with measurable economic growth,” he said. Director of National Library on this occasion also appreciated Tunas Bangsa Village Library in Pandanwangi village in Lumajang Regency in improving community’s economy through empowering local potential by making banana midribs into chips, making various handicrafts and even processing iron sand into steel raw materials the knowledge of which was obtained from books in library.  

Lumajang Regent Thoiqul Haq agreed with Director of National Library regarding knowledge transfer. The Regent, familiarly called Cak Thoriq, encouraged your leaders to perform innovation through a concrete step. “The success of a leader in pouring innovation into reality is through literacy transfer or what is called as knowledge transfer by Director of National Library,” explained Cak Thoriq. Through literacy transfer there is an acceleration of mindset that is all obtained by reading books. “Don’t expect to make policies that really benefit the community without literacy support,” he explained.

House of Representatives Commission X member Ayub Khan in his explanation as a speaker at Safari talk show was very supportive of the programmes carried out by Government of Lumajang Regency in empowering library. All this time, Ayub has even helped library or community in Lumajang Regency through book collection grant cooperating with National Library. “I hope that the central government’s programme through Special Allocation Fund (DAK) can help rehabilitate Lumajang Regency library building or anything related to the development of its collection,” he explained. On the occasion, Cak Thoriq conveyed his commitment to optimise library through library building rehabilitation which is currently a cultural heritage building so that people are comfortable to visit to read books or recall past history.

Head of East Java Province Library and Archive Office Abdul Hamid also expressed the commitment of East Java Provincial Government under the leadership of East Java Governor Khofifah Indar Parawansa to optimise entrepreneur-based village libraries. Abdul Hamid also asked head of regency/municipal library to research attentively books needed in accordance with local area characteristics. Hamid exemplified the success of libraries in Banyuwangi in prospering its community by publishing book about catfish breeding in which the composition of the book is 40% writing and the rest 60% is in the form of images to be easily understood and interesting. “The point that makes us proud is with capital of seven million rupiah for catfish seeds every month, community can reap a profit of four million rupiah,” he explained.

Acting Head of Lumajang Regency Library and Archive Office Kustiati explained that each village in Limajang Regency has library with at least 1,500 copies of collection. Village library in Sukosari village in Lumajang Regency also won second place for best library in East Java. Innovations that has been performed by Lumajang Regency Library and Archive Office were holding mobile teenage-children tale activity in coordination with local village head and reviving library through activities empowering women such as sewing, embroidery, making beads and other crafts. Safari series was closed with visiting Tunas Bangsa village library, Pandanwangi village, Tempeh district and “Koperasi Wanita Sekarwangi” and surveying directly the processing of banana midribs into chips and street restaurant (angkringan) managed by local youth.   


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