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17 May 2019

Commemoration of 39th Anniversary of National Library: Literacy for Welfare

Salemba, Jakarta—May 17, 2019, National Library celebrated its 39th anniversary. Carrying the theme “Literacy for Welfare”, the effort in strengthening literacy with concept of making libraries as open spaces for community, media for sharing experiences, learning houses and practicing skills that have positive impact on welfare continue to be encouraged.  

Prime Secretary of National Library, Sri Sumekar, in her remarks delivered at National Library 39th Anniversary Commemoration Ceremony, Friday (17/5), said a number of positive notes coloured the performance of National Library. This can be seen from the assessment of public services in which visitors’ satisfaction continues to improve, innovation and modernisation of services that are constantly being improved and public participation is increasingly involved. The development of online application accelerating information access and information dissemination is presented more complete and of fine quality. Therefore, it is not surprising that the number of visit and utilisation of library service increased by 300% compared to the previous year.

Grant provision and library development provided by National Library have had an impact on strengthening various types of libraries in Indonesia. “This indicates that the guidance carried out by National Library is increasingly beneficial,” said Prime Secretary.

Even though a number of positive achievements are already achieved, Prime Secretary advised to not be complacent. There are still many issues that need to be addressed, improved, revitalised, developed, and optimised.

“Commitment for high-performance must continue to be followed up. We agree to improve the performance results that are already good, we fix that are not yet and not good, so that we can get excellent performance results, with a PASTI value namely Professional, Accountability, Transparent, Synergy, and Integrity,” said Sri Sumekar.


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