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16 May 2019

RB (Bureaucracy Reformation) Socialisation and Implementation of Prime Secretariat National Library

Salemba, Jakarta—The implementation of Bureaucracy Reformation (RB) has been initiated by government since 2010. The purpose is to reform the bureaucratic system existing in all ministries/institutions. One aspect that would be changed through RB is work culture, including at National Library. National Library has been starting to implement RB since 2010.

RB implementation at National Library has already began in 2012 by forming Bureaucracy Reformation Team. One of the advantages gained by improving RB is performance allowance (tukin).

“Allowance is not obtained automatically, let alone free. Regulations must still be implemented,” explained Prime Secretary of National Library, Sri Sumekar, during Bureaucracy Reformation Socialisation of Prime Secretariat, Thursday, (16/5).

Work culture is one aspect that is considered in RB. Establishing Agent of Change is one of the ways conducted by change management team to become role model; an exemplary figure.

“Don’t get used to not being at work place when it is still working hours. Changing the behaviour of work culture is one of the things requiring a change at prime secretariat,” explained Sri Sumekar.

That is also demanded from the agents of change that have been established in each echelon 1 work unit. Aside from being exemplary figure, the agents are expected to be able to socialise the institution’s duties and functions. RB implementation is not the responsibility of structural leaders but rather a joint task.

Meanwhile, Head of Prime Secretariat RB Team, Joko Budi Santoso, reminded that the final goal of RB implementation is a clean bureaucracy from KKN (Corruption, Collusion, dan Nepotism), excellent public service, accountable and of good performance.

In the near future, Prime Secretariat RB team will set business process (work guidelines), compile ASN competency standard, technical competency standard in library field, workload analysis (ABK). “We expect support and willingness from all employees, SKP (Employee Work Target) to be conducted, maintain discipline, and follow the rules,” added Inspector, Darmadi.




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