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13 May 2019

Socialisation of Bureaucracy Reformation (RB) Implementation of National Library Deputy I

Salemba, Jakarta—One of important points in evaluating the implementation of National Library Bureaucracy Reformation (RB) from Ministry of PAN-RB Team is requesting all ASNs to understand the tasks and functions as well as indicators of success so that they can support organisation objectives.

This is in line with what was done by Deputy I National Library that wants the same thing. “There is no structural task but this is a joint task. The performance allowance received is one of the impacts of RB implementation, but it is not the end point but the outset leap for better bureaucracy reformation,” explained Deputy of Library Material and Information Service Development of National Library, Ofy Sofiana during Socialisation of Deputy I RB Implementation, Monday, (13/5).

Deputy further conveyed that RB implementation was not limited to the RB team units that had been formed but also to all employees. Deputy admitted that her party had yet carried out the socialisation in such optimum manner that RB road map was not fully understood. 

Every year all employees are required to arrange employee performance targets (SKP). However, there is less fair nuance because those who assess the SKP are themselves. In the future, SKP assessment must be based on evidence. “This means that all structural and functional employees must have workbooks, daily reports. The result of the report will later affect the awarding of reward and punishment,” added Deputy.

The current RB assessment no longer assesses the context of agencies or institutions. It has already narrowed on first echelon work unit and at the same time RB unit assessor team was formed. Therefore, each work unit requires agent of change as one of the supporting components for implementing RB. Agent of change that has been formed is not limited to the team itself but must have an action plan.

RB assessment from Ministry PAN-RB allowed an increase of performance allowance of National Library to 80 percent. However, a number of recommendations and survey results still need to get special attention. That means, even though an increase of allowance has been proposed, it must be supported by changes.

“National Library is one of the public service institutions. Don’t just talk or claim to have already performed bureaucracy reformation, but when it is asked directly to public, they answered no reformation yet. National Library needs to have a quick win program every year,” said Deputy Assistant of Policy Implementation Coordination and Apparatus Bureaucracy Reformation Evaluation, and Supervision III of Ministry of PAN-RB, Naptalina Sipayung, some time ago.



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