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14 May 2019

Socialisation and Implementation of Bureaucracy Reformation of National Library Deputy II

Salemba, Jakarta—Bureaucracy Reformation is essentially an attempt to reform and fundamental changes to governmental operation system especially concerning institutional aspects (organisation), management (business process) and apparatus resources.

However, various problems/obstacles have resulted in operation system not working or working less organised.

Deputy of Library Resources Development of National Library, Woro Titi Haryanti, said that it was no longer the era of complicated bureaucracy or an easy-turned-complicated bureaucracy.

“Apparatus resources is a large system. Now change your mindset and culture set. Everything must be involved in the system. Understand what must be done and work together so that it can support organisation’s goals,” added Deputy Woro Titi at RB Socialisation and Implementation of Deputy II, Tuesday, (14/5).  

Implementation of RB is also expected not to be limited to RB work group but to all employees so that the implementation of RB can be visible. The ultimate goal of implementing RB is to be clean and free of KKN (Corruption, Collusion, Nepotism), excellent public service, and the increase of capacity and accountability of bureaucracy performance.

“ASN (State Civil Apparatus), as governmental manager, can encourage the creation of institutions that are in line with tupoksi (main duties and functions), governmental management and effective ASN management,” said Head of Deputy II RB Team, Widianto.

The spirit of creating integrity system in anti-corruption organisational culture must always be improved. “Performing periodic internal surveys on different work units so that employees can express their perceptions regarding the changes in working environment,” said Deputy Assistant of Policy Implementation Coordination and Apparatus Bureaucracy Reformation Evaluation, and Supervision III of KemenPAN, Naptalina Sipayung, some time ago.



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