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08 May 2019

Bureaucracy Reformation (RB) Implementation Coordination of Echelon 1 and Independent Units

Salemba, Jakarta—Implementation of Bureaucracy Reformation (RB) is expected not only limited to the RB work group, but to all employees so that the implementation of RB is visible. This is one of the recommendation points requested by KemenPAN-RB Team related to survey and study results on RB implementation at National Library.

Following up on the recommendation, Prime Secretary of National Library, Sri Sumekar, felt the need to arrange competency standards for technical competencies in accordance with the respective work units, managerial competencies, and socio-cultural competencies if needed. Inspectorate together with secretariat work unit and deputies 1 and 2 will oversee and guide the arrangement of work load analysis (ABK).   

“Reward and Punishment of employees will take effect. However, in 2018 a new reward will be applied. Later in 2019, punishment will be put into practice. The reference is Guidelines to Employee Discipline Movement from State Civil Service Agency,” said Prime Secretary at RB Implementation Coordination, Wednesday, (8/5).

The next step was, added Prime Secretary, National Library would compile a dictionary of technical competence in the field of library that can be used nationally in accordance with Permenpan-RB number 38 of 2017.

Every year KemenPAN-RB always asks about changes or accelerations or innovations made by National Library. “If this is not followed up, it is not impossible that the achievement of RB will be evaluated”, added Prime Secretary.

Meanwhile, Head of National Library RB Team, Widianto, highlighted some findings in 2017 presented at exit meeting in 2018, but have yet been implemented. That means, when RB process was running, recommendation in 2017 are supposed to be completed first in 2018, while carrying out the new RB process. “As a result, in 2018, that findings reappeared because they have not been followed up,” he added.

The role of agent of change can be maximized as a bridge between RB Team and Assessor Team.



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