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06 May 2019

Although National Library Got BB Predicate, the RB Implementation Still Requires a Number of Recommendations


Salemba, Jakarta—Many recommendations are suggested by Ministry of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform (KemenPAN-RB) Team in addressing results of surveys and studies on RB implementation at National Library.

Recommendations presented, namely internal RB team is expected to be more effective in carrying out work programmes monitoring and evaluation (monev), including updating work mechanism, mindset and culture set to be better. Employees are asked to understand the tasks and functions, as well as success indicators so that they can support the organization’s objectives. Integrity system in anti-corruption organisational culture must be improved and must periodically conduct internal surveys on different work units in order to identify employee perceptions towards changes in working environment.

The implementation of RB is also expected not to be limited to RB work group but to all employees so that the implementation of RB can be seen. Next, identify, analyse, and mapping the regulations/UU to find out if there is possibility of overlapping/disharmony, including in managing the archives in order to be easy to find when needed. 

The next implementation is to refine the performance formula in stages and formulate electronic performance measurement at all levels of organisation. And the last is to apply reward and punishment including the provision of benefits based on performance appraisal. Not only presence. 

“Agent of change that has been formed is not limited to a team but must have an action plan,” added Deputy Assistant of Policy Implementation Coordination and Apparatus Bureaucratic Reform Evaluation, and Supervision III of KemenPAN-RB, Naptalina Sipayung, in National Library RB implementation coordination, Monday, (6/5).

As for anti-corruption perception index according to an external survey of scale 4, National Library achieved the score 3.61 (not yet satisfactory). Whereas for public service quality index, National Library also achieved the score 3.41 on a scale of 4 (not yet satisfactory). The same goes to organisation integrity internal survey in which one of assessment components, namely, organisational culture and anti-corruption system also received low score, 2.96.

Although there was an anomaly, in which the total assessment of National Library of Indonesia RB index reached the score 70.12 (BB category) in 2018, a number of notes and survey results still require special attention. That means, proposal for an increase in allowances must be supported by changes. National Library is one of public service institutions. Never speak or claim to have reformed the bureaucracy, but when asked directly to the public, the answer is that there has been no reformation. National Library must have a quick win programme every year.

As for information, KemenPAN-RB and Ministry of Finance are targeting that by 2025, all K/L performance allowances must reach 100%. In fact, if it is possible it can be accelerated in 2023.




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