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03 May 2019

Welcoming Ramadan, National Library of Indonesia Holds Munggahan

Salemba, Jakarta Welcoming the holy month of Ramadan 1440 Hegira, as well as a form of friendship and strengthening of the brotherhood among employees, National Library held munggahan event at Auditorium Room of National Library in Salemba, Jakarta, Friday (3/5). At the event, employees received spiritual advices from Darul Ishlah Islamic Boarding School and Taklim Daruttaqwa Assembly Leader, Ustadz KH. Agil Badrudin.

On the occasion, Director of National Library Muhammad Syarif Bando invited employees to always be grateful for the blessings of Allah SWT. Syarif Bando said that munggahan is a tradition in welcoming the month of Ramadan, a noble and blessed month.

"In this month of Ramadan, let’s strengthen the faith and piety in Allah SWT. Let’s remind each other to do good deeds. And our daily tasks are very good because we continue to invite people to read," explained him.

Meanwhile, in his preaching Ustadz Agil Badrudin said that during the month of Ramadan, Muslims’ steps are facilitated to be able to get along with Allah SWT, themselves, and other human beings.

He also explained about the way to be closer to Allah SWT taught by the Prophet, is by means of piety in avoiding all His prohibitions and carrying out all His commands. Among others are by carrying out obligatory and sunnah prayers as well as charity, donating wealth in the holy month of Ramadan. Meanwhile, the way to get along with with ourselves taught by the Prophet is to pray and donate.

"As for how to get along with other human beings, for example to our parents, we must apologise because the child who is always obedient to their parents will be resided in heaven. Likewise, with neighbours, coworkers or other human beings, as much as possible, we must eliminate envy within our hearts because only with such we will be able to live more tranquil and peaceful,” he advised.


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