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29 Apr 2019

Malang Municipal Asked to Ulitise DAK Programme

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta—Minimum or may be even mere fund is often found to be the issue experienced by local government in developing libraries and literacy. Such is experienced by Malang Municipal which only receives around IDR 2 billion per year for library and literacy programme. Initiative to increase fund for collection development would envy other offices.

This was disclosed when Deputy of Library Resources Development Woro Titi Haryanti received work visit from Regional People’s Representative Assembly of Malang Municipal Commission D and library service office representative, Monday (29/4). Responding the issue, Deputy did not blame them because every region has their own financial capability.

Library should be the focus of more attention because library is a non-basic mandatory issue from central to local government as it has been mentioned in local government regulation on library which Malang Municipal has already owned.

However, Deputy II of National Library suggested library service office to approach Local Development Planning Board (Bappeda). Special Allocation Fund (DAK) has been reopened since 1 May for the period 2020. DAK is programme launched by central government c.q Bappenas and National Library in the form of special assistance in the field of library. The assistance given includes four aspects, namely library service facility building as much as IDR 10-15 billion, library service building rehabilitation as much as IDR 5 billion, information and communication technology equipment grant as much as IDR 250 million, and collection acquisition grant as much as IDR 250 million-equals to ICT grant.

“As for collection acquisition grant, National Library delegates to every region which understand collection needs especially those related to its local contents,” explained Deputy.

In addition to DAK, National Library also routinely granted dekonsentrasi fund through provincial library service office. This dekonsentrasi fund is allocated for competition activities, such as school library, village library, accomplished librarian, story-telling competitions and accreditation socialisation activity.

For additional information, Indonesia One Search (IOS) programme has now been increasingly massive. At least there are 1,300 libraries joined and connected within the network. All member libraries within IOS are obligated to integrate metadata or bibliography. IOS provides easiness because literature can be obtained from any source. In the future, IOS would be furnished with equipment which can detect scientific work duplication. “This anti plagiarism tool is,” added Deputy.


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