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30 Apr 2019

Pati and Central Bangka Regencies Complain about Local Government Attention

Salemba, Jakarta—Library and Archive Service Office of Pati Regency, Central Java, was only established in 2017. Nomenclature change from office to service office brought myriad problems that have not yet been resolved, such as lack of reading material collection, insufficient ICT facility, children and disability services in dire need of attention, very limited parking facility.

“We only have four computers that can be used by users. Meanwhile, for users with disabilities, we don’t have any,” complained one of the representatives from Library Service Office of Pati Regency, Aris, during work visit and was received by Deputy of Library Resource Development of National Library, Woro Titi Haryanti, (30/4).

Related to the fulfilment of community collection, Library Service Office of Pati Regency attempted to perform a Cross-Service programme periodically. Thus, community had reading alternatives.

Responding to complaints experienced by Pati Regency, Deputy 2 of National Library suggested them to use a number of legal instruments such as Minister of Village Regulation (Permendes) for village library management. Deputy gave example of how Pekalongan could establish library facility although it was only two floors by using Village Budget worth about IDR 200 million.

“Village fund can also be used to buy books, but it must be monitored so as not to be misled. Meanwhile, the provision of additional children and disability services can be performed by cooperating with General Director of Early Childhood Education at Ministry of Education and Culture and local Social Service office,” added Woro.  

Meanwhile, Library Service Office of Central Bangka Regency complained about the lack of knowledge enrichment reading material collection. Based on the observation, library at school was even crowded with stack of textbooks that are not necessarily used every year.   

“Textbooks are piled up in library room, students do not want to go to library because it is only filled with textbooks”, said the Head of Library and Archive Service Office of Central Bangka Regency, Budi Utama. Whereas the existence of enrichment books as collection at school library is required to improve students reading interest and enrich reading references for them.

In addition, Library Service Office of Central Java Regency also complained about the lack of attention from head of local government for school libraries. Whereas National Library together with Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Village, and Ministry of Education and Culture have paid great attention to library. This is what should be followed up by every head of local government.

As for Library Service Office, it is expected that it will be more synergised with colleagues in executive and legislative branches to establish a legal foundation for local libraries.




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