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25 Apr 2019

Commemorating Kartini Day, National Library Together with Twin Teachers Holds Batik Workshop

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta-To motivate young generation and preserve batik cultural heritage, National Library together with Sekolah Darurat Kartini maintained by twin teachers Rossy and Rian held Batik Workshop at Nusantara Cultural Room on 24th floor of National Library on Jalan Merdeka Selatan, Thursday (25/4).

 Rossy, the nickname of Sri Rossiyati, said that the batik workshop was attended by tens of participants from various regions and professions. This workshop was deliberately held to preserve batik which is Indonesian cultural heritage. In addition, it also invited and motivated young generation to learn how to create batik, starting from drawing the motifs, applying liquid hot wax using canting or known as ‘mencanting’, to colouring processes.

 "We have the same intention with National Library; desiring young generation to not only buy batik, but also know how to create it. So, they can continue to preserve batik," said one twin teacher, Rossy.

 Meanwhile, Head of General Collection Service Division of National Library, Agus Sutoyo, said this activity was part of social inclusion-based National Library’s roles. By learning to create batik, it is expected that the general public, especially women, have the ability to create batik which is expected to preserve its existence.

 "Batik is the face of Indonesia. Through batik, the world knows Indonesia. Therefore, people are obliged to preserve batik, one of them is by learning how to create batik. Through this way, batik is expected to be continuously maintained and passed down to the next generation," said Agus Sutoyo.

 In a workshop session, the twin teachers taught about the process of creating batik. Starting from drawing motifs on mori cloth using pencil, followed by the process of using wax known as ‘malam’, then the dyeing process by immersing the fabric into dye liquid, and finally the ‘nglorot’ or wax discharging process.

 "This batik creation process takes quite a long time. One cloth can take approximately three months of work," explained she.


In addition to hold batik learning class, the series of events to commemorate Kartini Day were also enlivened by batik fashion show competition by the students of Sekolah Darurat Kartini.

The workshop held by National Library is a routine agenda throughout 2019. Every month, National Library holds two different workshops with competent speakers in their respective fields and not charged (free).




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