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27 Apr 2019

Director of National Library Receives Award from Ministry of Law and Human Rights of Indonesia

Cipinang, Jakarta—Director of National Library Muhammad Syarif Bando received an award from Ministry of Law and Human Rights (HAM) of Indonesia through Directorate General of Correctional Service as one of literacy supporting partners. The award was presented by Minister of Law and Human Rights of Indonesia, Yasonna H. Laoly, during the 55th Correctional Service Day ceremony at Class II A Narcotic Special Correctional Institution in Jakarta, Saturday (27/4).

Syarif Bando said that the cooperation between National Library and Ministry of Law and Human Rights had been running for five years. One form of the cooperations is to grant assistance to all correctional institutions in Indonesia. This is in accordance with the philosophy of Proclamator Bung Hatta, who stated “You can imprison him physically, but not his idea”.

“If there are prisoners who receive verdict of one or two years and they can read 100 books in one year this means a great leap to instill personality and provide knowledge, and life skill which of course will be useful after they return to society,” said Syarif Bando.

Furthermore, Syarif Bando revealed the change in mentioning prison to be correctional institution, is a momentum to change people’s mindsets.

"Someone violating the law, generally because they do not know or because of civilisation problems. The more civilised a person, the less likely it is to violate the law. And this can be built by reading a lot. And with the existence of books in libraries within correctional institutions will make us aware of the real life," he explained. 

In addition to Director of National Library, the recipients of awards in the field of Literacy Supporting Partners, among others Salahuddin Alam (Pustaka Jeruji Indonesia Initiator/Indonesian Bars Library Initiator), Rusdi Amral (Kompas Gramedia Corporate Communication Director), Nirwan A. Arsuka (Head of Indonesian Mobile Library), Zulkifli Nurdin (Head of Collaborative Work for Universe Foundation), and Arswendo Atmowiloto (Author and Literacy Observer). Other award recipients were Minister of Public Work and Public Housing, Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, as well as Minister of Trade.


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