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20 Apr 2019

West Java Holds Literacy Festival ‘Habis Gelap Terbitlah Terang’

Bandung, West Jawa—The signing of Literacy Declaration by Governor of West Java, Ridwan Kamil, Director of National Library, Muhammad Syarif Bando, Mother of Literacy West Java, Atalia Pratatya, Head of West Java Regional Representative of Bank Indonesia, and Acting Director of Bank Jabar Banten, marked the opening of Literacy Festival with the theme "Habis Gelap Terbitlah Terang" which was held at Governor of West Java’s office on Saturday (20/4).

The Literacy Festival which coincided with the Kartini Day commemoration has important meaning considering Kartini’s role as one of the inspirators who drove literacy in her era. "Kartini is a woman who likes to read and correspond with a number of her friends," said Mother of Literacy West Java, Atalia Pratatya.

In line with Kartini’s spirit, Governor Ridwan Kamil felt the need to promote literacy in his territory. He claimed to be worried about people who actively interact with mobile phones. More than four hours in a day is spent playing mobile phones. "From the duration of time spent playing mobile phones, on average they easily get information that is unclear or even tends to hoax. Hoax is caused by cursory reading, lack of ability to understand information. Time is wasted to discuss unclear matters," explained Governor Ridwan Kamil. 

However, Ridwan Kamil said he was not discouraged. He has solution. After being successful with 'Kolecer', Ridwan Kamil asked every regency/municipal in West Java to add as many as ‘Kolecer’ infrastructure as possible. In addition, provincial government will encourage reading culture at every level of education, at least before entering classroom. It is not textbooks, but fiction or other knowledge enrichment books. One village one library programme will also be launched. "I will also ask every office head to read at least one book per month then summarise it," continued Governor. The population in West Java is 38% from Indonesian population, but the literacy rate is still in moderate category, which is 68.18%. Therefore, any literacy programme proclaimed must be supported. “Reading is equal to expanding narrow-minded thinking to broad-minded.

At the same time, Director of National Library of Indonesia appreciated Governor’s good intentions who wants to make literacy as effort to prosper his people. Literacy can be interpreted simply as the ability to recognise words, express opinion, and create goods and services. "Bandung is a dynamic city so I hope that under the management of Governor Ridwan Kamil, the people of West Java will enter a new phase in term of intelligence," said Syarif Bando.

On the occasion, Governor Ridwan Kamil awarded best story teller from mothers of literacy in West Java, winners of elementary school story telling competition, best librarian, school library, and active publisher from university and private sector.

Literacy Festival was also enlivened by the collaboration of students with hearing and visual impairments, performance from the wives of Forkopimda and Bhayangkari, libraries and handicrafts exhibitions from 27 regencies/municipals throughout West Java, as well as 'Ayo Membaca – Let’s Read' flash mob by Ferry Curtis.  



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