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22 Apr 2019

National Library Carries Out Records Destruction as a Commitment to Implement Law No. 43 of 2009

Karawang, West Jawa – As a form of commitment in supporting good records management at National Library of Indonesia, records destruction was attended and witnessed by Prime Secretary of National Library, Sri Sumekar and staff, Deputy of Library Material and Information Services Development Ofy Sofiana, Deputy of Library Resource Development Woro Titi Haryanti and Records Destruction Team from ANRI headed by Tato Pujiarto. On that occasion, a total of 150 boxes and 20 sacks containing records were destroyed at records warehouse owned by PT Putraduta Buana Sentosa (Indo Arsip) located in Karawang, West Java on Monday (22/4). The type of records destroyed was records from General Affairs Bureau of National Library including financial, legal, public relations, human resources, administration, filing and protocol records.

Records destruction activity series began on February 4, 2019. The stages having been carried out were sorting, grouping, data collection, review, and field verification. This records destruction activity was the first to be held within National Library. Thus, National Library initiated to symbolically destroy and be the beginning of the next planned, systematic, and continuous destruction implementation. In addition, records management activity is an institutional obligation that has been regulated in Law Number 43 of 2009 on Archives.

Herry Sudjatmiko as CEO of PT Putraduta Buana Sentosa (Indo Arsip) in his remarks emphasised the importance of archives for sustainability of country. Meanwhile, Sri Sumekar expected that implementing good records management within National Library can support bureaucratic reformation. "Ideally, all institutions own land to store records," said Tato Pujiarto. Head of Sub Directorate of Acquisition of National Archives said that the destroyed records are confirmed to have no use value, reached its retention period and have nothing to do with legal matters. In addition, Tato mentioned land for records storage is best for ease of access.


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