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20 Apr 2019

Mother of Literacy West Java Launches Two Books

Bandung, West Java—Mother of Literacy who is also Governor of West Java’s wife, Atalia Praratya, launched two books on the sidelines of Literacy Festival with the theme 'Habis Gelap Terbitlah Terang – After Darkness Rise Light', Saturday (20/4). Titles of the book are Mia dan Ikan Goreng dan  Catatan Kecil Tentang Kita #SiCinta. Atalia hoped those books could encourage that reading and writing are important parts of literacy.

Atalia acknowledged that fondness for reading starts from habit. Thus, parents or family role is expected to nurture reading habit of each individual. “Mother’s role is very important because children are fond for reading not because of heredity, but because of their parents’ habit at home. I will continue to encourage mothers at home to become the first educators,” said Atalia.

Mia dan Ikan Goreng book was inspired by her role as Mother of Literacy, Mother of PAUD, and General Head of Forikan. “It is very important to convey things related to Eating Fish Habit (Gemarikan). I am looking for such books all over Indonesia but none,” she said.


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