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11 Apr 2019

Prime Secretary Inaugurates 37 New and Advanced Functional Officials

Salemba, Jakarta—A total of 37 new and advanced functional officials at National Library were inaugurated by Prime Secretary of National Library, Sri Sumekar, on Thursday (11/4). The 37 inaugurated functional officials include librarian, archivist, computer administrator, auditor, and staff analyst. Prime Secretary hoped that the newly inaugurated functional officials could contribute maximally and play roles in advancing National Library.

In her direction, Prime Secretary reminded that the development of civil servants’ career pattern was not fixed on structural positions but also emphasised on functional positions. The independence of functional officials determines an independent career pattern. “Therefore, functional officials must have high commitment and responsibility of their duties,” advised Prime Secretary.   

Every state apparatus, both structural and functional must have far reaching insights, dare to make a positive breakthrough through creative, innovative, and systematic thinking power. The transformation of performance changes and behaviour should result in performance productivity impacting on the interest of institution and society.



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