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08 Apr 2019

Witnessed by ANRI, National Library of Indonesia Symbolically Destroys 15 Boxes and 10 Sacks of Records

Salemba, Jakarta – A total of 150 boxes and 10 sacks or 309 millilitres of records belonging to National Library would be destroyed. Records to be destroyed include financial records (period 1981 to 2009), Law and Public Relations records (period 1994 to 2008), and some of human resources records. The symbolic records destruction was carried out by Director of National Library, Muhammad Syarif Bando, accompanied by Deputy, Inspector, Head of General Affairs Bureau, Sub Directorate of Archives I Acquisition from National Archives of Indonesia (ANRI), and archivists, on Monday (4/8). Later the entire mobilisation of the records to be destroyed was going to take place on April 22 at Gudang Arsip Indoarsip, Karawang.

In his report, Head of General Affairs Bureau of National Library Joko Budi Santoso, said that Records Destruction is one of Records Disposal activities as regulated in Law Number 43 of 2009 on Archives and also Government Regulation Number 28 of 2012 on Implementation of Law No. 43 on Archives. The records destruction process has been started since February 4, 2019 with several stages, including sorting, grouping, data collection, review, and field verification by National Library, ANRI, and also partners referring to Director Regulation (Perka) Number 2 of 2015 on Archives Classification Guidelines at National Library of Indonesia and Perka Number 4 of 2015 concerning Facilitative JRA (Records Retention Schedule) within National Library of Indonesia.

However, based on physical verification results, some of Civil Service Records were declared inadequate for destruction considering the records was the Original Inactive Records of Individual Files from 1992-2007, thus it was recommended by ANRI to be returned to Human Resources Division to be reorganised and stored. In addition, other records that could not be proposed to be destroyed, namely Financial Inactive Records related to Block E Building Establishment Process, Original Static Records in the form of Decree of Director of National Library of Indonesia Number 44 of 1998 concerning Organisation and Work Procedure of National Library of Indonesia, as well as books and magazines with total of 1792 copies from 1990 to 2010. "As for the records that are not destroyed, we will return them to the work units concerned to be utilised, reorganised and stored," explained Head of General Affairs Bureau.  

Head of ANRI Sub Directorate of Archives I Acquisition, Tato Pujiarto, said that records destruction had become the necessity of every institution because there was already an Archives Law regulating the mechanism of records destruction. Records destruction does not only destroy, but through this way other records can be saved so as to be useful for the efficiency and effectiveness of records storage room. "This records destruction is the first time carried out by National Library and the records destruction within National Library has gone through in accordance with the procedures of Archives Law," explained him.

Meanwhile, Director of National Library, Muhammad Syarif Bando, said that currently National Library continued to improve regulations regarding archives such as Substantive JRA, Security Classification System and Dynamic Records Access (SKKAAD), Active/Inactive/Vital Records Management Guidelines, Records Disposal Guidelines, and Records Organising Guidelines.

"National Library is committed to organise and manage this archives issue as well as possible on all lines, because at the present time, the stages in managing records have begun to be understood. Thus, in the future, National Library and ANRI can continue to synergise and cooperate in managing records within National Library," said Director of National Library before carrying out symbolic destruction.


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