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08 Apr 2019

Facilitator Replication and Scrutinisation of Material for Trainer Master of Social Inclusion-Based Library Transformation

Pasar Baru, Jakarta—Public library as inclusion-based community learning centre focuses on capacity building activities for library manager to be able to understand community needs, provide service innovation by involving community and establishing collaboration with various parties for sustainability.

The background that became foundation of National Library holding Facilitator Replication and Scrutinisation of Material for Trainer Master of Social Inclusion-Based Library Transformation for a week in Jakarta, (April 8-13).

Furthermore, this program aims, among others, to reduce information poverty by transforming public library into community learning centre, increasing public awareness about ICT-based information literacy, and improving people’s quality of life through empowerment.

“Library trainer master is a chosen and trained person from public library in an area that has transformed. Library transformation trainer master at national level will be partner of National Library in the effort to improve public library usefulness for community,” explained Deputy of Library Resources Development of National Library Woro Titi Haryanti when opening the activity, Monday, (8/4).

The involvement of Trainer Master is a sustainable program of PerpuSeru since 2011-2018. National Library expects Trainer Master programme for library transformation at national level can be a role model in addition to being able to build positive image for themselves and institution.

Since 2018 this programme has been replicated. A total of 60 regencies were chosen as model for social inclusion-based public library revitalisation. “In 2019, National Library has assisted 300 villages plus 200 villages from PerpuSeru programme in the previous year,” explained Head of Library Development and Reading Interest Studies Centre, Deni Kurniadi.

Prospective regional facilitators are library staff who have been selected from 21 provincial libraries and 59 regency libraries benefitting from social inclusion-based library transformation. This facilitator replication is prepared to continue post-treatment library transformation independently. Regional facilitator replication is intended for library managers in province and regency, so that village library managers can improve the quality of village library services which can help answer community needs.

Regional facilitators will later be expected to be able to understand computer and internet-based management information systems so that they can provide assistance to village/regency libraries. Regional facilitators will also be equipped with knowledge and skills related to information technology such as computer and internet, in order to help people in accessing information in library.



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