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05 Apr 2019

Nationality Seminar of Cultured General Election

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta—General election is a democratic festivity held every five years. Many contestants from various political parties compete to win voters’ hearts in their constituent regions. A variety of interesting ideas were issued to gain sympathy. Not a few also spread false news (hoax) to tackle opponent. However, in any case general election must be framed with ethic, culture and state decency.

Creating a cultured general election is a must. The democratic festivity must be a place to sell ideas on how to manage the country. “It is not exaggerated by hoax blaspheming and insulting one another,” said Jimly Asshiddiqie, a constitutional law expert during Nationality Seminar of Cultured General Election and Launching of Cultural Contitution and Constitutional Culture Book at Soekarman Theater of National Library on Jalan Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta, Friday, (5/4).

The world recognizes political history of “Trias Politica” theory popularised by Montesquieu, a French judge, in the 18th century. At the time, France was very powerful in Europe. However, in truth Indonesia in the past has implemented it in Sriwijaya Kingdom’s era in the 6th century AD, called Pesirah. 

Pesirah is the head of government. A community leader who has the authority to govern several villages. The term Pesirah in South Sumatera was still in use until the 1970s. “It can be said that Pesirah is the ruler, maker, executor and supervisor,” added Jimly who is also former Head of Constitutional Court in the initial period.  

Cultured general election is a democracy packaging balanced with a decent political procedure and behaviour.

Meanwhile, expert of domestic politics and governance from Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), Lili Romli, said some of democracy values are able to resolve disputes peacefully and institutionalised, guaranteeing peaceful change implementation in a changing society, organising succession of leaders regularly, and acknowledging also considering the existence of diversity.  

Then, what is the role of civil society?

Democracy cannot survive unless it is accompanied by a strong civil culture and supported by population committed to ideal things, such as law supremacy, individual freedom, religious freedom, majority leadership and protection towards minority.

“Maturity of political culture is a condition in which political culture of a society is in a stage or level which is a precondition allowing politics to function well related to trust and hostility manifested in daily life in terms of cooperation and conflict,” explained Lili Romli.

National Library feels obliged to spread positive messages including general election messages among younger generation (millennial). National Library continues to open the door for scientific discussion activities and forums. "This strategic information role is played by National Library in spreading literacy virus so that it can counteract negative issues existing in community," said Head of Service and Information Centre of National Library Teguh Purwanto.



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