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27 Mar 2019

Application and Coordination of Indonesian Library Information System

Tugu Tani, Jakarta—One of National Library functions is as a centre for library network that can only be realised if all libraries in Indonesia can synergised and work together with National Library to achieve open library service and evenly distributed throughout the country. One form of network centre implementation carried out by National Library is Indonesia OneSearch (IOS). Indonesia OneSearch is a one-door search portal for all public collections owned by libraries, museums, archives and electronic sources in Indonesia.   

IOS development facts and statistics since the inauguration of IOS networking portal on March 1, 2016, recorded on March 26, 2019 was more than 5,340 repositories owned by 1,302 libraries from 1,071 institutions that have joined IOS network.

Not less than 5,451,414 record titles of various types of library materials have been linked from 1,302 libraries. That number seems to be very large and full of pride, but if we refer back to the number of library in Indonesia, that number has only reached 0.816 percent of 164,610 the total library (National Library survey, 2018).

“If library type target is narrowed down, prioritised digital repository owners are academic and special library or institution library, then the number will only reach 15.1 percent of the total 2,057 academic libraries and special libraries of 6,552 incorporated in IOS,” said of National Library Deputy of Library Materials and Information Services Development, Ofy Sofiana, at Advocacy and Consultation Meeting on Library Information System Interoperobility, Wednesday, (27/3).

Meanwhile, IOS usage/accessibility has increased since it was inaugurated in 2016. It is recorded that total usage in 2016 was 631,166 visitors, in 2017 there were 1,427,370 and in 2018 as many as 2,100,480.

“IOS is a very brilliant idea in order to seek the implementation of Library Act mandate”, added Ofy Sofiana. However, this is not finished. All parties still have to work hard to achieve the goal of establishing a national digital library network. The role of each party as repository owner, library material provider, knowledge provider, and valid information provider, become a much more important part in realising all of this.

National Library calls for all parties to work together to be promoter in gathering and integrating repositories and library materials in digital form to provide as much useful knowledge as possible for the advancement of the nation. 

“We continue to strive so that at the end of 3rd e-library grand design implementation in 2020-2025, all universities and institutional libraries in Indonesia can join and open their digital repository access in Indonesia OneSearch national digital library network,” concluded Deputy I of National Library.




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