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25 Mar 2019

Joko Santoso Elected as Head of National Library KORPRI for Period 2019-2024

Salemba, Jakarta—National Library of Indonesia held the Election of Head of KORPRI for period 2019-2024, Monday (25/3). Election process for Head of KORPRI was attended by three candidates, namely Head of Law and Planning Bureau, Joko Santoso, Head of General Collection Service Division, Agus Sutoyo, and Head of Finance, Bonar Sijabat.

On this occasion, Head of Research and Development (R & D) of National Management Board (DPN) KORPRI Oni Bibin Bintoro, said that KORPRI formed based on Presidential Decree (Keppres) No. 82/1971, with 4.3 million members needs to be able to unite and accommodate the aspiration of all state civil servants (ASN) in carrying out their main duties as state servants, government servants, and public servants.

“KORPRI must also support bureaucratic reformation in creating a free (Corruption, Collusion, Nepostism) KKN, accountable, high performance, quality public service bureaucracy,” added Oni.

Meanwhile, Director of National Library Muhammad Syarif Bando, added the need for a real role of KORPRI, in the name of government and community interest to create bureaucratic reformation because bureaucracy is the trigger in developed countries.

From voting’s result, Joko Santoso, was elected as Head of National Library KORPRI for period 2019-2024, replacing the head of KORPRI which was previously held by Dedi Junaedi. In his initial remarks, Joko Santoso wanted National Library KORPRI to contribute more to the development of KORPRI organisation nationally.    



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