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25 Mar 2019

National Library Launches e-Deposit and ISRC Websites

Medan Merdeka, Jakarta – National Library in implementing Act No. 13/2018 concerning Submit Store of Printed and Recorded Works or better known as UU SSKCKR launched e-Deposit and International Standard Recording Record (ISRC) Websites in the occasion of National Library of Indonesia Portal and Thematic Website Socialisation at Soekarman Theater Room at National Library of Indonesia, Monday (25/3). Present at the event were Deputy of Library Material and Information Services Development, Ofy Sofiana, Head of Library Material Deposit of National Library, Nurcahyono, Head of Library and Information Services Centre, Teguh Purwanto. The talk show session presented speakers: Chairperson of IKAPI, Rosidayati Rozalina, Director of Indonesian Recording Industry Association (ASIRI), Jusak Irwan Sutiono, Head of Library Material Deposit of National Library, Nurcahyono, with moderator, Wijiyanto.

In his report, Nurcahyono explained that Directorate of Library Material Deposit and Library and Information Services Centre in 2018 had developed an e-deposit application expected to accelerate the collection process of electronic/digital form of deposit collection by involving active participation from those who are required to submit. "This application will be integrated with ISBN, ISMN, ISSN, ISRC, and INLIS enterprise databases," explained Nurcahyono. This year National Library began to collect electronic/digital library materials in the form of pdf or audio which were then integrated with other applications and presented for deposit web portal as a means of utilizing digital library material collection as a result of SSKCKR Act implementation. "In the future, Indonesian Deposit National System will be formed and PP will be arranged in the framework of Act No. 13/2018 implementation," added Nurcahyo.

National Library Deputy of Library Material and Information Services Development Ofy Sofiana, explained in her remarks that the new law, namely Act No. 13/2018 as the substitute of Act No. 4/1990 also concerning USSKCKR, in her opinion is more complete in discussing the progress of information and communication technology related to recorded works collection that are mandatory to be preserved. "This provides more opportunities for mandatory active participation and community to participate in collecting of national cultural works in the form of printed and recorded works," said Ofy.

e-deposit and ISRC applications are designed in such a way that participants can easily submit their works to National Library anytime and anywhere through the use of internet network. In addition to convenience, National Library also guarantees the safety of data and collections submitted. Ofy hopes that participants will not hesitate to submit their works or products to National Library.

General Head of IKAPI Rosidayati explained that the growth of digital books has been increasing since 2011 and tends to be stable. She also revealed that phenomenon of most digital book users is found in library. In her opinion, currently there is also a proliferation of audiobook content namely digital books equipped with audio or video with interesting animation or simulation, based on Permendikbud number 9/2019 concerning permission to school to buy digital books or digital learning applications using school operational assistance fund. "So, I think this will be a very positive trend for the balance of digital books in the future, thus it is not only used by digital libraries but also can be used by schools using BOS fund," explained she. 




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