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14 Mar 2019

Minister of Home Affairs Encourages Regional Officials to Build Library

Pancoran, Jakarta--Minister of Home Affairs Tjahjo Kumolo asked regional officials to build library in their area. The existence of library plays important role in establishing knowledgeable community ecosystem.

Such was stated at National Coordination Meeting of Library Field at Bidakara Hotel, Jakarta, Thursday (14/3).

Tjahjo revealed there are still many regions in Indonesia that do not have library yet. Currently there are only a few, at province level only 31, but if we take a look at level II it is only 40 percent, especially at village level. 

Minister of Home Affairs said there are three library typologies, namely 23 typology A library offices, 10 typology B library offices, meanwhile there are 1 typology C library office.

"In accordance with what was announced by president, to improve human resources quality for Indonesian community development, we have a minimum target for each regency/city even at village level to have library," he explained.

Meanwhile, Director of National Library Syarif Bando said that his party had signed MoU with Ministry of Village, Development of Disadvantaged Regions, and Transmigration so that village fund allocation can be used to develop library. This is implemented to improve literacy index.

Tjahjo encouraged every region in Indonesia to build library. He also asked regional officials to establish library offices for those that have them yet.

"It’s important to build libraries in disadvantaged, frontier, outermost, and border areas," he said.

Not only that, Tjahjo also advised regional library offices to always communicate with DPRD to obtain budget support from local government.


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