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14 Mar 2019

The Role of Literacy to Prepare Competent Human Resources

Jakarta – Literacy has a central role in preparing competent Indonesian human resources to face 4.0 industrial era. According to Expert Staff in the Field of Innovation and Competitiveness of Ministry of Education and Culture Ananto Kusuma Seta in addition to literacy, character and competency are also needed.

“Literacy is the ability to use various skills in life. While character is the ability to adapt in a dynamic environment and competency is the ability to solve complex problems,” explained Ananto Kusuma as a speaker at National Coordination Meeting (Rakornas) of Library Field 2019 in Jakarta, on Thursday (14/3/2019).

According to Ananto, education and library have the same task of educating people and humanising humans. “Therefore, we are grateful to gather as part of noble people,” said Ananto Kusuma.

Education has three objectives, namely self-understanding and self-potential, thus students can understand their environment, and teach students on how to own work for the good of others. Ananto added that 4.0 industrial era is a combination of technological skill and human skill. “But in the development and progress of technology, humanity value principles are not changed. Thus, character becomes the core of education and we must think clearly in facing the increasingly changing world,” he said.

Ananto explained that literacy has four functions, namely stand-alone skill literacy which is a natural skill like reading and writing that are basic literacy; functional literacy which is an instrument to improve skill; literacy as empowerment or community empowerment, in this case literacy becomes a tool to free the mind from existing restraints; and finally literacy as social practice in which literacy targets are family, school, and community.

Literacy very much in favour within community is not learning to read books but it is associated with Package A, B, C, beauty course and others useful for developing themselves. Later in the future, the challenge of literacy movement is that the management cannot be a project but it must be able to mobilise all community’s elements. Literacy must also have an impact to be integrated into community for self-development.

Ananto expects collaboration between library and regional government can be increased to establish reading parks. The use of village funds is encouraged to develop village library so that it can improve human resources quality.



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