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14 Mar 2019

House of Representatives (DPR RI) Supports Library Advancement

House of Representatives (DPR RI) Supports Library Advancement

Jakarta – DPR RI Commission X encourages and supports library advancement through the implementation of its functions. This was conveyed by Chairman of DPR RI Commission X when he was a speaker at National Coordination Meeting (Rakornas) of Library Field 2019 in Jakarta, on Thursday (14/3/2019). Also present as speaker was Vice Chairman of DPR RI Commission X Abdul Fikri Faqih.

"In carrying out is legislative function, DPR RI provides its support through four laws related to library, ancient manuscript, book issue development, and rescuing national intellectual work, namely Act Number 43/2007 concerning Library, Act Number 5/2017 concerning Cultural Advancement, Act Number 3/2017 Book Issue System, and Act Number 13/2018 concerning Submit-Store of Printed and Recorded Works," explained Djoko to more than 2,100 Rakornas participants. 

Regarding the function of budget, Djoko said that support was provided through an increase of National Library budget in 2019. In addition, DPR RI Commission X carries out a supervisory function to ensure government programme is accountable, transparent and effective, accurate, and on time. Besides that, National Library is encouraged to develop innovative priority programme.

House of Representatives supports National Library in resolving the challenge to improve equity and library service quality in improving community literacy for welfare, increase reading avidity to build knowledgeable and skilful community, develop documentary repository for dissemination and science and technology advancement, as well as increase deposit, library material preservation and archipelago manuscript studies to preserve national heritage.



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