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06 Mar 2019

Regent of Kulon Progo: Young Generation Must Read More and Improve Soft Skills

Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta – National Library (Perpusnas) for about four years ago, since 2014, together with provincial, regency/city governments has been eager making efforts to foster reading avidity, one of which is through National Movement Safari of Reading Avidity Cultivation. On this occasion, Kulon Progo Regency is one of the locations where National Movement Safari of Reading Avidity Cultivation is held, Wednesday (6/3). The occasion that took place in Gedung Kaca, was attended by around 400 people ranging from school principals, village chiefs, students, Regional Apparatus Organizations (OPD), and managers of school and village libraries.   

Librarian at Work in Creating Social Inclusion-Based Library to Improve Community Welfare is the theme carried out by Perpusnas in 2019. At the same time, Director of National Library of Indonesia Muhammad Syarif Bando conveyed the conditions that must be fulfilled in order to achieve literacy at international level is the awareness to grow and improve reading avidity from the available reading material sources.    

"We are now in 4.0 industrial era. It’s time to master science assembling," said Muhammad Syarif. Director of National Library gave an example of learning method in Korea through questions to students about mobile phone, in which in order to get perfect score at school they must pass a series of multilevel question stages so that students can fully understand on how to produce a good mobile phone.

Responding to the current global challenges, Regent of Kulon Progo Hasto Wardoyo reminded young generations to read and improve their soft skills in order to compete at international level. "Globally many of our workers were rejected due to their low quality and the tendency of not having much knowledge, get bored quickly, cannot cooperate, less honest, lack of integrity, have no sense of humor, and resign without prior notice," explained Hasto.  

Reading and soft skills are both very important and cannot be separated. Therefore, character education is important in Kulon Progo Regency. Before becoming Regent, Hasto who was a medical doctor also studied about face and body language obtained through books in library. In his opinion, studying various kinds of knowledge is very useful in handling various problems in field and providing excellent service to community.   

Safari Talkshow in Kulon Progo also presented other speakers, such as Head of Library and Archive of D.I. Yogyakarta, Monika Nur Lastiyani, Head of Library and Archive Office of Kulon Progo Regency, Agus Santosa, Head of Sidodadi Village Library, R. Tri Haryono.

"By reading, knowledge will increase and we will get a lot of things. With many things obtained, we can do many things. By doing many things, we can be useful to people around us. When we are useful to others, that means our deed is extraordinary," said Monika opening the talkshow.

In the meantime, Agus Santosa explained that library is not only a place to store various books, but also as a place to study and carry out any activity whose purpose is to improve community welfare. "Kulon Progo Library is already facilitated with internet. The goal is that anyone can access internet and read books. Through internet, a lot of knowledge is obtained. Moreover, community active involvement in library as well as attention and cooperation with various parties so that library can make progress and improve community welfare are also needed," said Agus.  

Tri Haryono who is also the author of "Menuju Sukses Tata Kelola Perpustakaan Desa" explained that in fact humans experience lifelong learning since birth because they have instinct to find out about everything. He also advised the students to equip themselves with useful knowledge. After the talkshow, Director of National Library had an opportunity to inspect school library “Perpustakaan Cendekia” at SDN 4 Wates and Hargorejo Village Library.


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