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27 Feb 2019

AMSI Press Conference: National Library Ready to Support AMSI Work Program

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta – Director of National Library Muhammad Syarif Bando was a speaker at Press Conference on Indonesian Cyber Media Association (AMSI) held at Soekarman Theater on 2nd floor of National Library on Wednesday (27/2). AMSI will hold Indonesia Digital Media Conference (IDMC) in response to the challenge of industry 4.0. The press conference was held to inform series of activities such as training to increase visitor traffic and cyber media content monetising through Facebook held on Thursday (28/2) and IDMC held on Friday (1/3) and AMSI’s first national work meeting on Saturday (2/3).

Director of National Library Muhammad Syarif Bando on this occasion congratulated the newly formed AMSI board members both at central and regional levels. “National Library is very supportive of the programs initiated and developed by AMSI. I hope that in the formulation of the first work meeting tomorrow, more programs will be produced which will certainly educate millennial generation on how to surf in cyberspace,” said Syarif. Director of National Library considers AMSI has a responsibility to educate public to use digital facilities for humanity and prosperity, welfare and most importantly, as a means of education.

AMSI Chairman 2017-2020 Wenseslaus Manggut responded to cyber media which is currently not fully trusted by public due to too many content and publishers. Today’s public is faced with the swift flow of information that has sprung up on internet which may have hoax information. “I think there is a big “homework” in term of content, on how to improve content to be trusted by public,” asked Wens. Ina addition, content provider companies must improve themselves to be more attractive and gain public trust.

In addition, Head of AMSI Department of Education, Research and Development Wisnu Nugroho added that good content is expected to also bring a good business. At the conference issues in answering the challenge of industry 4.0 and training to utilise Facebook platform as the most popular social media in Indonesia will later be discussed. “We actually want to use or cooperate or collaborate on how to use Facebook as a distribution channel as well as a channel to monetise or to get a business model from Facebook platform,” explained Wisnu. AMSI also explores that Facebook platform is also in use to boost popularity, which is equally important to generate income for cyber media companies.




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