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25 Feb 2019

Socialisation of Printed and Recorded Works (KCKR) Submit-Store Act Number 13/2018: KCKR is Link of Historical Trajectory

Tugu Tani, Jakarta—Many events ultimately led to the birth of Printed and Recorded Works Submit-Store Act (UU KCKR) Number 13/2018. The latest Socialisation of KCKR Act is expected to be able to foster the same understanding among all subjects mentioned in the Act.

Director of Library Material Deposit of National Library Lucya Damayanti said there were at least five factors why National Library could not yet optimally collect all collections (printed/recorded) which in fact are the result of work or thought of nation’s children.

First of all, lack of awareness of the subjects (publishers/record entrepreneurs) in submitting their printed and record works to National Library and Regional Library. Secondly, the previous UU KCKR (Act Number 4/1990, red) had not adjusted to technological development. Third, in the previous Act, it did not yet regulate the obligation of foreigners (WNA) in submitting their research results in Indonesia as KCKR whether or not the research is for commercial purpose. Fourth, there is no deterrent effect. The sanction imposed has not been effective. “As a result, KCKR that has been collected is only about 30 percent,” explained Lucya during Socialisation of KCKR Act Number 13/ 2018 in Jakarta, Monday, (25/2).

KCKR Act Number 13/2018 briefly regulates KCKR subjects obliged to submit, both Indonesian citizens and foreigners (WNA), mechanism of KCKR ranging from reception, recording to supervision, award presentation for publishers, people with active role, government’s obligation to provide funds in collecting KCKR according to capability, and community’s participation in KCKR.    

The latest KCKR Act, emphasised by Director of National Library Muhammad Syarif Bando, is a legitimacy; reformation product. This Act was designed not as a collector of submitted works but must act as a link of historical trajectory, especially it is related to national civilisation. “Indonesia is one of the oldest civilisations in the world,” said Director of National Library.

National Library began the series of Socialisation of KCKR Act Number 13/2018 in Yogyakarta on February 21.



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