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26 Feb 2019

PP-IPI 2019 Work Meeting: Time for IPI to Synergize

Salemba, Jakarta— Director of National Library of Indonesia Muhammad Syarif Bando attempted to transmit hope and optimistic spirit when giving direction at Indonesia Librarian Association (IPI) Work Meeting 2019 which took place at Auditorium of National Library of Salemba, Tuesday (26/2).  

Director of National Library shared his experience when attending Conference Director National Library Asia Oceania (CDNL-AO) in Singapore last mid-February. While there, Director of National Library was amazed because all librarians and host volunteers were able to bring comfort and easiness to all participants and guests of CDNL-AO. Moreover, the creations displayed during the event are works of librarians. 

However, almost all CDNL-AO countries admired the success of library institutions in Indonesia in playing active role in various communities and peoples as effort to improve life welfare. The interest of CDNL-AO countries for the success of Indonesia in developing library is proven by appointing Indonesia to host CDNL-AO in 2020. “In fact, Iran and Qatar have officially proposed for themselves,” said Director of National Library.     

Related to IPI Work Meeting, Director of National Library asked IPI together with National Library to revise all regulations, whether those regulations related to Assessment Team, points of credit point, including standards.

Then, librarians must be involved and able to analyse public library development performance in each province. In addition, conducting region-based library counselling on how to arrange work programs, regulations and library trends.

Alvin Toppler, a researcher from United States, has conducted a simple research. In that research, he said that the penchant for reading of white people in United States tended to decrease. He predicted that in the next 20-30 years, black people of United States will become leaders. Alvin’s words were proven with Barrack Obama elected as the first black president in United States. 

“Many studies have resulted that reading interest and literacy rate are low in Indonesia, occupying the bottom list. However, we would never know how the data used is obtained. What the measuring instruments are. How it is implemented, who the respondents are. Then, the source of funds used in a study,” explained Director of National Library.

In the future, IPI must open up; opening space for synergy; synergise with library offices existing in provinces, regencies, and cities. If indeed it must be self-managed, IPI can synergise by maximising funds through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs in BUMN, or private parties. “It can be used to build buildings or procure IT supporting facilities, as well as developing library service facilities,” continued Director of National Library.

PP-IPI Work Meeting then distributed tasks to eight commissions that had been previously formed to present work program of each commission as a reference which would later be presented at the coming IPI Work Meeting in Batam, Riau Islands.



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