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22 Feb 2019

North Sulawesi Province Submitting Request for DAK Grant 2020

Salemba, Jakarta--Head of Library and Reading Interest Socialisation Development Center (P3MB), Deni Kurniadi, and Head of Law and Planning Bureau of National Library, Joko Santoso, received a visit from People’s Representative Assembly (DPRD) of North Sulawesi Province Commission IV and Head of North Sulawesi Library and Archives Office, Lukas, at Deputy II Meeting Room, Friday, (22/2).

The arrival of the executive and legislative was intended to learn the mechanism for submitting library special allocation fund (DAK). Meanwhile, Head of P3MB highlighted the peculiarities of SKPD nomenclature in North Minahasa Regency which only mentioned archives office without library. Commenting on that, Head of North Sulawesi Library and Archives Office admitted that he had met the regional secretary, and if God willing this year the issue will be completed.  

The executive and legislative of North Sulawesi Province both admitted that if regional budget (APBD) for library needs is still limited. Last year they received IDR 5 billion, and in 2019 there is an increase of 75% from last year. They wanted National Library to help in accelerating library development in North Sulawesi. "We also want to know how to run library concept. So, it’s not just physical building," said Head of Commission IV of North Sulawesi DPRD, Rita Lamusu Manoppa.

Responding to this, Head of P3MB explained that one of functions carried out by National Library is patron function. Thus, without being asked, National Library will assist to guide various types of library and not only limited to provinces, regencies/cities. Therefore, National Library opens the opportunity for reach region to submit assistance request because government has included library as national priority one program, thus there is a special allocation fund (DAK) that can be utilised as intensively as possible by the region. "Please coordinate with Bappeda," said Deni Kurniadi.  

North Sulawesi province according to National Library data is planned to receive DAK worth IDR 1,450 billion for five regencies and 1 city. The average DAK provided is in the form of collection and information and communication technology (ICT) device. In 2019, National Library received DAK quota of 300 billion, and distributed proportionally to 300 villages in 60 regencies.   

Governmental DAK grant covers five aspects, namely physical construction (building), rehabilitation/renovation of library service room, ICT device, furniture (needs) for services and borrowing, and collection. In March there will be opened again for DAK grant 2020. Thus, supporting data such as certificate, detail engineering design (DED), terms of reference (KAK), environmental impact analysis (AMDAL), spatial planning document, and statement letters for maintenance budget are not supposed to be forgotten to be prepared. "Documents need to be completed as requirements condition before selection".

Regarding library utilization development, library is no longer struggling with conventional service, such as borrowing books. Library must transform. Social inclusion-based service is a rational choice as an effort to strengthen literacy for welfare. "The approach to social inclusion in each region is different. However, we encourage library to become guide. Active in making direct approach to provide vocations to community. Library is no longer taking care of collection service but also plays in public spaces," explained Joko Santoso.



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