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20 Feb 2019

Malaysian Language and Library Council and National Library Exploring Collaboration

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta – There are a number of wishes and expectations to be achieved from bilateral meeting between Malaysian Language and Library Council and National Library of Indonesia on Wednesday (2/20). Head of Malaysian Language and Library Council Datok Abang Sallehudin bin Abg Shokeran said the cooperation offer came after meeting and discussion with Prime Minister Mahathir Muhammad. The Language and Library Council is also interested in State Library of Malaysia (PNM) sending its employees to study conservation every year.

In the presence of Prime Secretary of National Library of Indonesia Sri Sumekar who was accompanied by (Acting) Head of Service and Information Centre Yahyono, and Head of Digital Transformation Division Moh. Kodir, Datok Sallehudin said that currently Language and Library Council has no one who reviews manuscripts anymore. They promised to provide incentives if there is any librarian or philologist from National Library who is willing to help. 

"We want cooperation especially in Malay manuscript field to be realized," said Datok Sallehudin in the presence of Prime Secretary of National Library Sri Sumekar. The Language and Library Council would like to cooperate in such aspects as research, exchange of collections, publishing, translation, and staff exchange.

Responding to the intention, Prime Secretary of National Library said that they would report this to Director of National Library and are ready to proceed it through a memorandum of understanding between two parties. "The spirit must be mutually beneficial (mutualism)," affirmed Prime Secretary.  

National Library, explained Prime Secretary has no less than 11,800 ancient manuscripts with various alphabets, including Buginese, Sundanese, Javanese, Makassar. Most of them have been digitised (media transfer) to make it easy to read, and to be reviewed by users and public. One of famous ancient manuscripts, Negarakertagama, result of civilisation from the era of Majapahit Kingdom, which had been brought by the colonials during Dutch colonialism finally succeeded to be recovered and maintained neatly until now at National Library. The event took place during the era of President Soeharto and Queen Juliana (Netherlands).     

"National Library agreed that the spirit of digitisation should not be done by outsiders (foreigners) whereas the manuscripts studied are family manuscripts," added Prime Secretary.


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