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18 Feb 2019

Director of National Library of Indonesia Delivers Briefing to 331 Civil Servant Recruits (CPNS)

Salemba, Jakarta – National Library held a briefing for 331 CPNS Perpusnas which took place at Auditorium of Perpusnas Salemba on Monday (18/2). The briefing delivered is filled with material on tasks and functions introduction of work units at National Library also briefing in the field of librarianship and employment rules. Director of National Library Muhammad Syarif Bando on that occasion delivered briefing on motivation and direction to CPNS to work professionally, dedicatedly and passionately. 

Prime Secretary Sri Sumekar said in her report that the 331 CPNS would be assigned according to the needs of each work unit. Sri explained the procurement of CPNS 2019 was in accordance with Permenpan No. 36 of 2018 concerning Requirements for CPNS and Permenpan No. 37 of 2018 concerning PNS Selection Requirements. Considering Presidential Instruction No. 12 of 2016 concerning National Movement for Mental Revolution it is expected that all CPNS Perpusnas can improve public service behavior to be fast, transparent, accountable and responsive. "After seeing the commitment of our dear colleagues CPNS, I hope the promise could be fulfilled and implemented properly. Once again welcome, do your job, success and keep the spirit on." closed Sri.  

Director of National Library advised all CPNS Perpusnas to interact well with everyone in the working circle, the key word is never stop reading. The only threat in any community is when we stop reading. "You should never get caught up in an opinion debate about how low is the passion to read in Indonesia, because America, Europe, and any developed country, if today they stop reading, just wait for their collapse after five or ten years to come," said Syarif. Therefore, everyone must read, thus libraries play role in educating people’s lives.


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