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04 Feb 2019

TNDE, First Step to Achieve Effective and Efficient Bureaucracy

Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta – One of points for bureaucracy reform assessment of a government institution is electronic official correspondence. Realising the importance of electronic correspondence management, National Library of Indonesia launched TNDE  (Electronic Correspondence) application located in theatre 2nd floor of National Library of Indonesia Service Facility building, Monday (4/2).

In her remarks, Prime Secretary Sri Sumekar explained that this application launching was a follow-up from Regulation No.6/2011 concerning General Guidelines of Electronic Official Correspondence in Governmental Area and training had been started since September 2018. TNDE application launching aims to effectively and efficiently improve official correspondence system, manage incoming mail electronically, then accelerate management process of official correspondence system electronically, improve efficiency and effectivity of mailing management and public service as well as realising effective and efficient modern bureaucracy within National Library of Indonesia.

“Veins of institution relationship lies in correspondence. It is always started with mail and ends up in archive, “said Director of National Library of Indonesia, Muhammad Syarif Bando. Moreover, Syarif advised that without good archive management it is impossible an institution can reach non disclaimer (WTP) predicate, can win in court, and obtain fine assessment from Ombudsman and House of Representatives (DPR). Therefore, archive will be inseparable part of our daily lives, as soon as we start interacting with bureaucracy.

However, Syarif requested National Archive to review this application and National Library committs to follow up it well and asked for guidance in terms of functional profession in the field of archive because 7 (seven) archivists were just appointed for the first time at National Library.

National Archive Deputy of Information and Archival System Development Imam Gunarto appreciated this application launching as National Library’s first step of committment in managing archive professionaly.

This launch is officially marked with mail disposition from Director of National Library of Indonesia to 3 (three) echelon 1 officials under the director, namely Prime Secretary, Deputy of Reading Material and Information Service Development, and Deputy of Library Resources Development.   


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